Use this one weird trick to create a winning Voice of Customer program

How many times have you been asked backwards-looking questions like this on customer surveys?

This kind of customer feedback is too vague and general to offer any kind of real meaning. Knowing the answer to this question won’t hurt your prospects, but it doesn’t really help them either. It certainly doesn’t inform the company as to what they should do next.

To understand that, you need to ask questions like this:

Armed with a survey like this, you can make evidence-based investment decisions that will move the needle.

In other words, what to do next is the only thing that matters. Wherever your company is today, if it continuously makes evidence-based improvements, it’ll win the marketplace.

By all means, if you just need to check a box somewhere to show your boss that you’re listening to customers, backwards-looking or default questions will help you talk the talk or phone it in for a while.

But the right way isn’t that hard. Just a few seconds of actively thinking about your customers and their state of mind can drastically improve your customer insights. How would you think or feel after engaging or completing a transaction with yourself?

Ask your customers that question. Ask them how they would improve your product or experience with a hypothetical set of answers you suspect might speak to them. If the answer is “none of the above,” at least you’ll know. And then you can begin asking more questions until you find the one that helps you make the right decision more swiftly.