We’ve reimagined how to weave customer feedback into daily business decisions.

For Years, We Were Underwhelmed By Legacy Voice of Customer Offerings

In short, they yield just a trickle of non-representative data that hampers actionability

Intercept Surveys

  • Interrupt the user
  • Low response rates: 0.5% means slow learnings
  • Static surveys mean declining value over time
  • Are taken out of context leading to questionable data quality
  • Not actionable enough

Feedback Tabs

  • Capture only the worst friction; you're still blind to the rest
  • Non-representative; only the friction population
  • Just a trickle of feedback
  • Unguided thus all over the place; much is unactionable
  • Similar feedback each week means diminishing value over time

We Decided To Challenge Virtually Every Assumption Made By Those Who Came Before Us, Which Has Resulted In An Innovative, Unique, And To Using Customer Feedback To Optimize Your Enterprise.​

We call it

It's Not Just A Better User Experience; Our Agile Learning Approach Yields

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