360 Micro Survey Insights

Continuously collect hypothesis-driven customer insights across all channels including web, mobile, and email.

Our innovative technology seamlessly embeds  1-2 targeted micro surveys right in the user experience without interrupting the user’s primary journey.

We don’t stop there. We can help users in the moment based on their responses. And we integrate with other enterprise systems in real-time to unlock new insights.


Optimize Navigation Usability

Capture Feedback In-Email; Tie To CRM

Prioritize Roadmap Investments Based On Customer Need

Allocate Based on Customer Purpose

5 Voice of Customer Innovations:

1. Capturing User Feedback In-Context

2. Ultra High Survey Response Rates
Mean Ultra Fast Learning

Survey Response Rates

Learn Faster; Improve Faster.

Driven by in-context display and micro survey format, Pulse Insights attracts high response rates, which in turn enables faster improvements and results.

Our approach helps companies become more agile and transform to continuously improve.

3. Forward-Looking and Actionable VoC

Agile Learning

Pulse Insights isn’t just about asking if users were satisfied or if they would recommend to a friend! That information is important, but  is also backward-looking.

Pulse Insights is all about gathering forward-looking insights needed to optimize your business today. We maintain an ever-improving library of questions that will put you on the fast path.

4. Connected VoC Data Amplifies Value

Data Integration Capabilities

Pulse Insights has third party data integration at its core. Connecting Voice of Customer data to the rest of your tech stack amplifies the value of the whole ecosystem.

  • Connect what people say with what they do via web analytics, which adds a new level of context to user behavior
  • Understand the ‘why’ behind bounce rates and conversion rates
  • Enable follow-ups for dissatisfied users
  • Optimize A/B tests toward positive survey responses
  • Retarget users based on user beliefs as indicated through micro survey responses
  • Progressively enhance personalization profiles based on survey response data

Example: Adding The Missing Context To Web Analytics

with_pi without_pi 

5. VoC Collection Across All Touchpoints

Imagine the possibilities:

  • Gather user feedback right in an email
  • Ask your app users a question
  • Compare feedback from twitter followers vs. website visitors
  • Solicit feedback from within your display advertising
  • Gather actionable feedback right from your smart device

All leveraging a shared User ID, so you can gain insights across channels.


See how our product enables agile learning:

  • Famous 5-minute installation via fast asynchronous code snippet
  • Intuitive self-service or managed service survey administration
  • Virtually limitless customization and styling
  • Fully responsive
  • Advanced targeted to ask just the perfect users for feedback
  • Data integration capabilities to integrate with numerous third parties
  • Intuitive reporting and raw data export

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