Jeremy B

Jeremy B

Enhanced Targeting, Enhanced Workflow, Enhanced Formatting!

Today we announce three key features and a handful of optimizations and bug fixes to enable even better user feedback collection.

Targeting Based On A User’s Previous Responses

Previous Answer Targeting

Clients are now gathering feedback from users to inform their business decisions; that’s awesome. But what if they want to dig deeper to ask follow-up questions whether it’s a week, month, or year later? Now they can by targeting a question to users who have answered a question in a specific way.


Duplicate A Survey To Save Time

Duplicate Survey

As formatting has gotten more intricate–with inline surveys that are responsive to device, it’s becoming more important to be able to base a new survey off of an existing one. Simply duplicate another survey and it will be copied and set to Draft state. All formatting, questions, and targeting will be retained.


Granular Placement of Inline Surveys

Inline Above / Below

Now you can configure whether inline surveys are inserted before or after div content. This should make inline targeting even more flexible and powerful for collecting feedback without interrupting the customer experience.

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