Product Updates

March 14

Account-wide CSS

You can now share CSS across surveys.
March 7

Scheduled Exports

By popular request, exports can now be scheduled to arrive in your inbox. You can select all or specific surveys, start and end dates, send frequency, and recipient(s).
February 2

Our iOS SDK is now available!

Our iOS SDK is now available. With our person-level identity services, survey targeting across web and native environments, APIs, Android SDK, and iOS SDK, you can now seamlessly collect customer feedback in virtually any digital channel.
January 26

Android SDK is now available!

Android SDK is available and iOS is coming soon!
January 19

Native App Targeting – Usage Behavior

You can now use the number of days since install and number of launches as triggers for native app surveys.
January 11

Native App Targeting – View Name

You can target or exclude surveys based on the view name. Now a single survey can collect feedback across mobile apps and browser-based environments. Like with URL targeting, both ‘contains’ and full regex are supported.
January 5

Native Application Targeting Criteria

With our forthcoming native app SDKs, we’ve added a number of new targeting options: Include/exclude native apps from rendering a survey.
December 18

Redisplay A Survey

Sometimes the same survey is relevant to the same user after a period of time. For example, maybe a satisfaction question is relevant after 60 days. Now you can optionally allow surveys to retrigger post-submit.
November 30

Bottom Bar on mobile devices now displays as bottom bar

Previously, it displayed as an overlay centered on the screen.
November 22

Cross Device Enhancements – Client Key Decisioning

You can pass your client key (unique customer identifier) to Pulse Insights to deterministically link users’ browsers and devices. Subsequently, Pulse Insights can _decision_ based on client key instead of cookie. Implications: if a person answered a question on her home computer, you wouldn’t later ask on her work computer…
November 17

Reporting & Export Performance Enhancements

Reports and data exports will now load faster!
November 17

Updated Code Snippet

We’ve updated the Pulse Insights code snippet to prevent possible JavaScript object conflicts. The previous snippet will continue to work.
November 17

Archived Surveys

Lots of surveys in your account is a learning badge of honor. Now archived surveys are not visible by default but there’s a handy link at the bottom of the dashboard to view the archives.
November 17


Now you can show visitors the results of a survey!
October 14

Reporting Enhancements & Bug Fixes

We added Survey ID in reporting to enable more advanced analysis in Business Intelligence tools such as Tableau and Domo. Also long inline targeting options above 255 characters are now supported. This is useful if a single inline survey is to be used across multiple page templates and thus multiple targets are…
September 14

Console Performance Improvements & Security Upgrades

Faster console page loads!
August 1

Interactive Reporting

Ever wanted to know how just some people answered a follow-up question? We now can filter any follow-up question based on how users respond to a question. Just click any bar chart and the reports update in real-time.
August 1

Reporting Enhancements To Show Follow-up Question Flow

The arrows used to describe follow-up question flow are now present in reporting. This will provide more context about who received which questions while looking at reporting.
July 11

Mobile-specific Inline Survey Placement

Some sites have a different page layout for mobile devices than tablet/desktop. We’ve added an option to render inline surveys in a different part of the page for mobile devices.
July 11

Include Visit Count, Pageview Count, and Device Type in Reporting

We have added three new data points to your XLSX exports: number of user’s previous visits, pageviews in current session, and device type (mobile, tablet, desktop).
July 11

Randomize All But The Last

There’s a new randomize option in town: randomize all options except the last. This is helpful if you have an ‘Other’ answer that you always want to be last.
July 11

Multi-Select Questions

For the times when one answer isn’t enough, Pulse Insights now supports multi-select questions.
July 11

Redundancy Enhancements

Pulse Insights made a series of enhancements to reduce the likelihood and impact of downtime. Enhancements include hosting our JavaScript library on a Content Delivery Network, continuing survey collection even if the master database is down, and more elegantly handling error cases in browsers.
June 20

Concierge MVP

Ever want to help users in the moment based on how they respond to a survey? Now you can. Today we are launching an add-on to our Pulse Insights Micro Survey product that enables real-time optimization of your digital experiences. Take over the whole screen with beautiful bespoke content to…
June 10

On Answer Callbacks

In addition to executing callback code when a survey is fully complete or closed, we now have the option to execute onanswer callbacks each time a single question is answered. This is helpful if a survey has many follow-up questions or ends on a Custom Content Card instead of a…
May 24

More Granular Control of Inline Surveys

You can now specify whether to place a survey below or above a div when creating inline surveys. This makes it easier to get the survey exactly where you want it.
May 23

Target Surveys Based On User’s Previous Responses

Ever wanted to ask a follow-up question at a later time to someone? Now you can target questions based on what someone has previously answered. You can use this in conjunction with all of our other targeting to ensure you’re asking exactly the right people for feedback.
May 16

Duplicate A Survey

Now you can create a copy of a survey with a click of a button. All settings are copied over including formatting, targeting, and questions but the survey is left in Draft mode for further editing. e
April 25

Targeting Surveys Based On User/Device’s Custom Data Attributes

You can now easily target surveys based on a user’s device custom data. For example, maybe you want to only ask a question to users/devices who have over 50,000 loyalty program points. This feature works in conjunction with device/user-level custom data for the current user. The device/user custom data can be set on any…
April 25

Targeting Surveys Based On Pageview & Session Behavior

Sometimes you don’t just want to target a survey to a particular URL, but rather want to target surveys based on a user’s behavior. For example, maybe you want to ask a question of a user after viewing 4 pages on the site. Or maybe you only want to talk…
April 18

Suppress survey display if target div isn’t on page

“Inline” surveys that target a particular part of the page will no longer display if the target div isn’t found. Previously the survey rendered at the bottom of the page.
April 2

Device-level Custom Data

It’s now possible to set custom data that persists for the current device/user across surveys. For example, maybe you want to attach the current user’s loyalty program point balance and internal customer segmentation. The custom data can then be used for: Segmentation analysis. e.g., comparing user satisfaction based on point balance.…
March 28

Don’t Show Survey Again After User Closes It

We now offer the option to not show a particular survey again if a user closes it without answering. This affects only the user that closed the survey. Other surveys will continue to render according to their targeting criteria.
March 22


Maximum answers changed from 6 to 10. Enhanced Free Text widget formatting. Added support for advanced question-level formatting. Fixed XLSX export for large reports. Fixed bug related to percentages with date filtering.
February 7

Reporting Only Role

Separate out collaborators that need reporting vs. those that can manage surveys (formatting, questions, integrations) and users.
January 22

Survey Response API

Need to use a Pulse Insights Microsurvey outside of a webpage? Maybe in an email or native application? Use the new Survey API to submit survey responses.  See documentation for additional details.
January 22

Free Text Card Types

Collect qualitative free-text feedback from users in your microsurveys. Just like single-answer responses, feedback can be integrated into other systems like web analytics, CRM, DMP, and A/B testing.
January 17

Randomize Order of Responses

Single-select questions now have an option to randomize order. Selecting this option will display the possible answers in random order when the survey widget is rendered for end users. This can prevent biases related to the order of the options.