Jeremy B

Jeremy B

Using Custom Data For Advanced Targeting

As customers get more mature in how they leverage Pulse Insights, they often want to ask questions of increasingly targeted groups of users.

For example, a client may want to ask questions of:

  • Customers who haven’t purchased anything in the last 30 days
  • Customers who have an internal attrition risk score above 70%
  • Customers who have at least 50,000 loyalty program points

    Other online surveys don’t have any way to target users with these attributes because they aren’t directly observable on the page.

    Pulse Insights created a capability called Custom Data that elegantly captures virtually any type of proprietary data a client organization deems valuable. And then built features to leverage custom data for future survey targeting.

    It’s easy to send custom data at any time on any pageview (details available in our documentation). And it’s dead easy to configure surveys to trigger just for the relevant users.

    We think it will drastically change how clients use Pulse Insights to become more agile and to capture and use customer feedback to make better evidence-based decisions.

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