Jeremy B

Jeremy B

Why Progressive Profiling Engine?

Our approach to building tech products is more creative than technical.

Our first product, 360 Insights, certainly has a number of technical innovations. But the true innovation is looking at an age-old problem of better understanding customer needs from a completely new perspective (that is, rather than sifting off a tiny fraction of users and asking a ton of stale questions of them via intercept and email surveys, seamlessly embed 1-2 active/timely questions  directly into the user’s experience, thereby collecting LOTS of quick-turn feedback from LOTS of users). Starting from a different vantage point is the core of creating a differentiated product.

Today’s launch of our second product, Progressive Profiling Engine, takes a decidedly similar approach. To date, enterprises investing in personalization, CRM, and marketing automation have primarily focused on observed data, rules, and models to determine who gets shown/sent what. Our core insight is that there’s a huge missing piece required to deliver TRULY AWESOME personalized experiences and marketing. That is, in order to be able to build a meaningful relationship with prospects and customers, you need to be able to seamlessly ASK about the other person. 

That, of course, wasn’t so easy to do in the past. That’s why we built this product. Progressive Profiling Engine makes it easy to just ask users about themselves in a natural way, in the right channels, in the right moments, over time. Learn what users want and don’t want with ultra high fidelity. Learn anything about your users. Then combine that with everything you’re already observing to offer truly relevant marketing and to serve and delight.

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