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Pulse Insights’ platform enables our business customers to collect user feedback to improve business decision-making. Clients use our technology to collect and analyze information such as users’ thoughts on product value and opportunities, brand affinity, shopping process, and page user experience across websites, mobile apps, social channels, email, and other digital channels. The solution also collects information such as website engagement for survey targeting and analysis.


What types of solutions does Pulse Insights provide?

The Pulse Insights platform fall into two general categories:

  • Measurement solutions, which help companies collect and understand user feedback on websites, apps, social networking, and email.
  • Personalization solutions, which help companies collect new profile information to enable making websites, apps, social networking pages, and emails more relevant to you. 
What information is collected when a company uses Pulse Insights Platform?

When a company uses Pulse Insights’ platform, that company chooses which questions to ask and which information to collect. Information includes:

  • Survey responses
  • Your web browsing activity, including the URLs of the company’s web pages you visit
  • The number of visits
  • App launches or length of time since app install
  • The level of engagement in web or mobile app session (e.g. pageviews in session)
  • Information explicitly passed to Pulse Insights by clients, which is determined by our clients
  • The URL of the page that is displayed when the user submitted feedback
  • Information about your web browser and device, such as device type, browser type, operating system, and display settings
  • Your IP address (or partial IP address, depending on how the company has configured the solution), which may be used to approximate your general location
  • Location information from your mobile device or web browser
  • Information you may provide on that company’s website, app, or when interacting with that company’s social media pages, such as information you provide on registration forms
How do companies use Pulse Insights Platform to collect information?

Cookies and Similar Technologies. Pulse Insights platform use cookies and similar technologies, such as web beacons (also known as tags or pixels), to enable companies to collect information in connection with their websites. If you look at your cookie settings in your browser, you may notice cookies from Pulse Insights-owned domains, such as survey.pulseinsights.wpengine.com. Most Internet browsers classify these as “third-party cookies” because they are not set by the website you are visiting. Companies using the Pulse Insights Platform sometimes choose to use their own cookies (often called “first-party cookies”).

Mobile App. A company may also use Pulse Insights Platform technologies within its mobile apps. These technologies allow the company to send information to its Pulse Insights account — for example, information such as install date, number of launches, location, and app usage may used to target surveys and analyze results.

What privacy choices do you have about a company’s use of Pulse Insights’ platform?

For more information about how a company uses Pulse Insights’ platform, please refer to that company’s privacy policy. Pulse Insights asks its business customers to provide privacy policies describing:

  • Their privacy practices
  • How you can opt out of the collection or use of information


Cookies and Similar Technologies. Pulse Insights’ Platform uses cookies and similar technologies to enable companies to collect information. Most browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can usually configure your browser to block all cookies, or to block only those set by companies other than the one whose website you are visiting. If you configure your browser to block cookies, you may prevent a company from collecting information (including Pulse Insights information) on its websites.


Email, Text Messages. To learn more about how to opt out from commercial email or text messages sent by a company using Pulse Insights Platform, please follow the opt out process specified within the message itself, or review the company’s privacy policy. To opt out from receiving mobile push notifications, please review the information provided by your mobile device manufacturer.


What information can a company add to the Pulse Insights Platform?

Pulse Insights’ platform is designed to enable a company to upload or add information about its users and customers into its Pulse Insights account. Therefore, companies sometimes upload information that they have collected from their own websites, apps, social media pages, CRM, or from other sources, such as third party data providers. This non-personally identifiable information is used to target surveys to the appropriate users and/or to analyze survey data.

Does Pulse Insights share any of the information its business customers collect using Pulse Insights Platform?

Pulse Insights does not share its business customers’ information except when asked to do so by the business customer. Please review the privacy policy of the company using Pulse Insights Platform for more information about that company’s privacy practices.


Companies often allow Pulse Insights to aggregate their data in a way that does not identify individuals for the purpose of publishing reports.


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